Specials and Sales

  • DF-hotpockpizza
    Hot Pockets Pizza – 9oz3/$5.00-DAIRY/FROZEN-
  • pr-AffyTapple
    Affy Tapple3 Pack: 2/$5.00-PRODUCE-
  • de-sabrahummus
    Sabra Hummus$2.99 ea-DELI-
  • DE-lorrswiss
    Lorraine Swiss$6.99/lb-DELI-
  • bk-jimmyscookies
    Jimmy’s Gourmet Cookies$3.99 ea-BAKERY-
  • de-saraleehoneyham
    Sara Lee Honey Ham$7.99/lb-DELI-
  • de-saraleehoneyturkey
    Sara Lee Honey Turkey$7.99 lb-DELI-
  • MS-salmon
    Norwegian Salmon$14.99/lb-SEAFOOD-
  • SE-GrouperF
    Grouper Filet$15.99/lb-SEAFOOD-
  • bk-stonefirenaan
    Stonefire Naan$1.99 ea-BAKERY-
  • BK-lbfrenchbag
    LaBrea French Baguette$1.99 ea-BAKERY-
  • BK-lbpecan
    La Brea Pecan Raisin$4.99 ea-BAKERY-
  • lq-sierranevada12pk
    Sierra Nevada – 12pk$13.99 ea-LIQUOR-
  • df-coffeematecreamer
    Coffeemate Creamer – 16oz$1.99 ea-DAIRY/FROZEN-
  • df-minutemaidoj
    Minute Maid Orange Juice – 59oz$3.49 ea-DAIRY/FROZEN-
  • portabella
    Portobello Mushroom$2.99 ea-PRODUCE-
  • gr-lawrysmarinade
    Lawry’s Marinade – 12oz2/$5.00-GROCERY
  • FL-pomps
    Pomps – 10 stem$5.99 ea-FLORAL-
  • gr-naturevalleygranolabars
    Nature Valley Granola Bars – 7.4oz$2.29-GROCERY
  • GR-Progresso19
    Progresso Soup – 18oz2/$4.00-GROCERY
  • pr-honeycrisp
    Honey Crisp Apples$2.99 lb-PRODUCE-
  • pr-naveloranges
    Navel Oranges$1.49 lb-PRODUCE-
  • df-yoplait
    Yoplait Yogurt – 6oz10/$5.00-DAIRY/FROZEN-
  • lq-miller24
    Miller Lite 24pk$14.99 ea-LIQUOR-
  • LG-coorslt12btl
    Coors Light 12 Pack – Bottles or Cans$7.99 ea-LIQUOR-
  • LQ-corona12btl
    Corona 12 pack – Bottles$14.99 ea-LIQUOR-
  • SE-RedSnapper
    Red Snapper Fillet$16.99/lb-SEAFOOD-
  • FL-alstromeria
    Alstroemeria10 ct/$7.99 ea-FLORAL-
  • FL-mums4
    Fall Mums – 4″$5.99 ea-FLORAL-
  • FL-mums6
    Fall Mums – 6″$11.99 ea-FLORAL-
  • GR-coke12b
    Coke – 12 pack3/$14.00-GROCERY-

Mission Statement

The Grand Food Center and its sister store, Dee Jay Foods, are large enough to serve your family’s needs, but small enough to provide you with a level of service not available from our big-box competitors.

Our produce, meat and floral items are the freshest you’ll find anywhere. Our bakery department produces prize-worthy cakes and cookies for any occasion. Our catering department can be quickly mobilized for your family party, company picnic or school/civic event.

Our mission is simple: to provide you with the freshest groceries in a friendly atmosphere that will keep you coming back.

Proud to be your local grocer.