Holiday Catering Menu

Other holidays may have certain food traditions but Christmas is the only one truly focuses on food. Here at The Grand Food Center, amazing staff are armed and ready to make sure you get the best for your table – the finest vegetables, best stuffings, stellar side dishes, warm rolls, even beautiful table décor. And of course, Turkey!


Bone in Rib Roast – $16.99/lb

Boneless Ribeye Roast – $19.49/lb

Beef Tenderloin – $27.99/lb

Crown Pork Roast – $7.99/lb

Semi Boneless Leg of Lamb – $7.49/lb

Rack of Lamb – $24.99/lb

Whole & Half Honey Baked Ham – $11.99/lb

Hoka Turkey (raw) – $3.49/lb


Mashed Potatoes – $4.99/lb

Roasted vegetables – $7.99/lb

Whipped Sweet Potatoes – $5.49/lb

Twice Baked Potatoes – $4.99/lb

Stuffed Bacon & Scallion Potatoes – $4.99/lb

Roasted Potatoes – $4.99/lb

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon – $6.99/lb

Butternut Squash – $5.49/lb

Green Bean Casserole – $5.49/lb

Homemade Turkey Gravy – $8.99/qt


Grand’s Golden Nugget Rolls – $3.99/pk

Grand’s Wheat Dinner Rolls – $3.99/pk

Corn Bread – $3.99/pk

Elegant Farmer 4” Pie – $9.99

Elegant Farmer 8” Pie – $16.99

The Grand’s Own 9” Pie
(pumpkin, pecan) – $9.99

9” Fruit Pie
(apple, cherry, peach, blueberry, rhubarb) – $11.99


Egg Nog

Meomi Pino Noir

Lamarca Prosecco

Veuve Clicquot