You may not know Maria Llanas, but surely, you’ve seen her work.

Maybe you were a guest of the popular North Shore House Walk or the North Shore Kitchen Tour. Her artwork was present at numerous local weddings this past season. And, of course, if you’ve ever walked through The Grand Food Center, either in Winnetka or Glencoe, her work has probably stopped you in your tracks.

Maria is the floral designer and director for Grand Floral, a specialty offshoot of the food center that is collecting accolades as readily as new customers. Grand Floral has expanded almost entirely on word of mouth, keeping Maria and her teams busy all year around. “We are doing a little bit of everything right now,” Maria said. “This year, we have done our seventh wedding and are going for No. 8. We do last-minute centerpieces and arrangements, same-day delivery and ordering.”

Each morning, Maria receives shipments of fresh flowers for her shops, and each morning she carries them inside with a wide grin. The florist’s passion for her job has been a pillar of Grand Floral’s growth. “I’m like a little kid in a candy store,” Lily said of receiving the flowers, “Oh, I got flowers today. These are beautiful.” The rest of the day is spent designing arrangements in order to please her customers — another passion of the Grand Floral team.

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Our Floral department is the heart of The Grand. We’ve been a part of your life’s most special celebrations, generation after generation, carefully creating corsages for every nearby prom, bundling stunning bouquets and centerpieces for weddings and welcoming home our newest neighbors with balloons just for babies and happy parents. Our expert florists fill the area with fresh deliveries six days a week, design outdoor arrangements and make up custom garlands that show exactly how much you care.

Our fresh flowers last and last, and we also offer stunning silk arrangements and wreaths you’ll love.

Floral Department Manager
3 years of service

Prom corsages and boutonnieres

The Grand Floral Department offers the most unique floral designs for fresh, long lasting corsages and boutonnieres. We hand-select seasonal flowers and go above and beyond to create gorgeous blooms for Prom season. Our fresh flowers are flown in directly from importers around the world. Our expert floral designers will work with you to create a personal design for your corsage or boutonniere. Stop by our floral department or call us at 847.446.6707 and we’ll create a custom piece for you!

Grand Traditional Corsage

(with 5 spray roses, Italian ruscus, waxflower)

Silver wrist band $24.99
Pearl wrist band $29.99

Grand Traditional Boutonniere

(single rose, waxflowers, Italian ruscus)


Royal Elegance Corsage

(5 dendrobium orchid, waxflowers, Italian ruscus)

Silver wrist band $29.99
Pearls wrist band $34.99

Sweet Elegance Corsage

(3 dendrobium orchid, 2 spray roses, waxflowers and Italian ruscus)

Silver wrist band $29.99
Fancy wrist band $34.99

Rose Fancy Boutonniere

(single rose and 1 stephanotis, Italian ruscus)


Rose Elegance Boutonniere

(single rose and 1 dendrobium orchid, waxflowers)


Pretty Fancy Corsage

(2 stephanotis, 4 spray roses waxflowers, Italian ruscus)

Silver wrist band $29.99
Fancy wrist band $34.99


The Grand Floral Department offers the most unique floral designs for fresh, centrepiece designs for your table.

Winter Centerpiece

Lily and Tulip Centerpiece

Our floral designer and coordinator Maria offers floral arrangements for weddings, special events, and in-home consultations.

Call us at 847.446.6707 or fill out this form