Sink your teeth into fresh, seasonal organic and conventional fruit! Crisp apples and green beans, juicy California cherries and super-nutritious kale are just a few of the locally sourced, produce in our packed-full Produce department. Because we believe in bringing you produce that’s fresh from the farm, you’ll never have to worry that your strawberries will go bad the next day or that your tomatoes will be bruised when you slice them up.

On the go? Savor a cup of our daily-made fresh OJ or grapefruit juice, and make healthy eating even easier with our pre-cut packages of fruits and veggies.

Custom Made Fruit Basket
Fresh Made Guacamole
Fresh Made Pico de Gallo
Mango Salsa

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 Affy Tapple 3 ct



Gala Apples

$1.49 lb

Green, Red & Black Grapes Organic

$2.99 lb

Tomatoes on the Vine

$1.49 lb